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Thiago Ghisi

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Director of Engineering @Nubank & Co-Host of @EngAdvicePod, Previously @Apple & @ThoughtWorks

Thiago Ghisi is the Director of Engineering for the Mobile Platform team at Nubank. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the software industry, having worked at companies like Apple, ThoughtWorks, and Amex. Ghisi has worn multiple hats - from Programmer to Project Manager to Quality Engineer, back to Engineering, and finally, Engineering Management, where he has been leading cross-functional teams in the Mobile FinTech space for the past six years. He also hosts a podcast called "Engineering Advice You Didn't Ask For" and writes extensively about Career & Leadership in Tech on LinkedIn & Twitter.

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Breaking the Ceiling: Scaling Your Impact at the Staff-Plus Level

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Tuesday Jun 25 / 11:30AM EDT ( 50 minutes )