How a Ground Up Built AI Agents Platform Powers Deutsche Telekom's Pan European Customer Service Solutions

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We have developed an advanced agents computing platform, named the Intelligent Agents Platform (iA Platform), designed to streamline the entire lifecycle of agents, from development and deployment to management, in the most efficient way possible.

Inspired by Netflix's pioneering work with microservices, we reimagined our application constructs, particularly for chat and voice programs, as fundamentally being built around agents. This new approach posed significant challenges, including the lack of established guidelines and practices, the non-determinism posed by large language models (LLMs), and the need for close collaboration between engineering and data science teams. Additionally, it required accelerated feedback loops and flexibility due to the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Key Points:
  • Development of a comprehensive agents computing platform named the iA Platform.
  • Reimagined application constructs with agents as building blocks.
  • Addressed significant challenges, including lack of established guidelines, non-determinism posed by LLMs, and the necessity for close engineering and data science collaboration.
  • Accelerated feedback loops and flexibility to adapt to evolving technology.
  • Multi-layered platform with LMOS, agent abstraction, and multi-agent management.
  • Rapid development and deployment across multiple European regions.
  • Open-sourced our domain-specific language, ARC (Agents Reactor), enabling users to get started with an agent in less than five minutes.


Arun Joseph

AI Engineering Lead @Deutsche Telekom, Previously Built IIoT Platforms for Merck, Thought Leader & Builder

Arun Joseph leads the Architecture and Engineering teams at Deutsche Telekom's AI Competence Center, driving the development and deployment of cutting-edge Generative AI (GenAI) solutions group wide across Europe. As a thought leader in applied AI, Arun has spearheaded the creation of an enterprise-grade agents computing platform, which now powers Deutsche Telekomโ€™s LLM powered AI applications , including the award-winning service bot, Frag Magenta.

Arun is deeply passionate about the potential of GenAI solutions and the engineering design that heralds a new era of computing. His commitment to building world-class digital products and systems is matched by his dedication to nurturing top-tier teams. He is also an advocate for open source development; under his leadership, his teams have open source agents development frameworks.

Outside of work, Arun is a staunch advocate for the ethical deployment of technology, particularly AI. He champions the concept of the "Right to AI", striving for a more equitable world where access to AI is justly and ethically enabled for all.

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