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Michael Friedrich

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Senior Developer Advocate @GitLab

Michael Friedrich is a Senior Developer Advocate at GitLab, focussing on DevSecOps, AI, Observability. He loves to educate everyone and regularly speaks at events and meetups. Michael created as an Observability learning platform, and shares technology trends and insights into day-2-ops, eBPF, OpenTelemetry and AI/MLOps in his newsletter. When not traveling and working remotely, he enjoys building LEGO models.

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Efficient DevSecOps Workflows With a Little Help From AI

From idea to the first line of code to production deployments - DevSecOps workflows help develop software faster. There is a different level of adoption, and processes feel inefficient or block progress and innovation.

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Thursday Sep 26 / 07:20AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom A