Leveraging Open-Source LLMs for Production

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This talk dives into the practical use of open-source LLMs for real-world applications, weighing their pros and cons. It highlights advantages like privacy and cost-efficiency, while also touching on challenges such as the need for technical know-how and techniques to efficiently train and deploy LLMs.

The talk also looks at the economics of fine-tuning and deploying open-source LLMs, covering costs and infrastructure needs. It discusses various frameworks for deploying these models and gives an overview of key open-source LLMs, emphasizing their features and capabilities.

This talk aims to give attendees a general technical understanding of how to effectively leverage open-source LLMs in their projects.


Andrey Cheptsov

Founder and CEO @dstack, Previously Product Manager @JetBrains

Andrey is the core contributor to dstack. He is passionate about open-source and AI. Previously, Andrey worked at JetBrains, incl. the PyCharm team.

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Thursday Sep 26 / 08:30AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom A