Leveraging Containerized Microservices for High-Performance Applications

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Thomas Spillecke

IT Architect for Cloud Application @Porsche AG

Thomas joined Porsche in 2018 as an IT Architect, focusing on cloud applications and helping agile product teams adopt agile methodologies. He transitioned to a Product Owner role to gain insights from a new perspective, especially in supporting the Porsche ID Identity Provider during their cloud transition and the integration of agile practices. After initiating a move towards a SaaS provider for the Porsche ID Identity Provider, Thomas returned to his roots as an IT Architect, this time for Financial Services, leveraging his experience to shape the financial elements of Porsche's digital services while working closely with the Finance Department. Thomas is a team player at heart, enables autonomous DevOps teams and continuously works to enhance Porsche's digital ecosystem.

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Friday Sep 27 / 03:40PM CEST ( 50 minutes )


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