Efficient DevSecOps Workflows With a Little Help From AI

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From idea to the first line of code to production deployments - DevSecOps workflows help develop software faster. There is a different level of adoption, and processes feel inefficient or block progress and innovation.

Open the DevSecOps lifecycle. Which is the most inefficient task you spend a lot of time on? Long discussions in issues, MR reviews without context, maintaining legacy code, team onboarding with new project structures, missing unit tests, analyzing the impact of security vulnerabilities, or even debugging blocking CI/CD pipelines with long stack traces…

Join this session to learn about efficient AI workflows with practical prompts and advanced practices with custom LLMs, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and AI agents. We will also discuss how to implement AI guardrails and measure the impact of AI on DevSecOps efficiency. Get inspired to implement everything into your AI adoption plans, and join the conversation after the talk.


Michael Friedrich

Senior Developer Advocate @GitLab

Michael Friedrich is a Senior Developer Advocate at GitLab, focussing on DevSecOps, AI, Observability. He loves to educate everyone and regularly speaks at events and meetups. Michael created o11y.love as an Observability learning platform, and shares technology trends and insights into day-2-ops, eBPF, OpenTelemetry and AI/MLOps in his opsindev.news newsletter. When not traveling and working remotely, he enjoys building LEGO models.

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Thursday Sep 26 / 01:20PM CEST ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom A