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Kennedy Torkura

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CTO/Co-Founder @Mitigant, A Pioneer of Security Chaos Engineering, Instigator of Cyber Resilience Engineering & Threat-Informed Defense

Kennedy is the CTO/Co-Founder at Mitigant, an innovative cloud security startup based in Germany. Kennedy has spent over 12 years in cybersecurity and passionately explores the intersection of security chaos engineering, cyber resilience, incident response, and risk analysis for cloud security. Kennedy has published over 20 academic papers about several cloud security domains and contributed to the first O'Reilly book on Security Chaos Engineering. He is also a fourth-time member of the AWS Community Builder Program. He has spoken at international conferences, including KubeCon (Cloud Native Security Day), NDC {Security}, ChaosCarnival, and BSides Berlin.

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Cloud Attack Emulation: Leveraging the Attackerโ€™s Advantage for Effective Defense

Cloud attack emulation is a novel approach for continuously validating security posture by proactively testing enterprise security strategies' people, processes, and technology aspects.

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Friday Sep 27 / 04:20AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


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