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Erik Peterson

CTO & Founder @CloudZero, Engineering-Led Cloud Cost Optimization Pioneer & 23-Year Software Startup Veteran

Erik Peterson is the Founder and CTO of CloudZero and a pioneer in engineering-led cloud cost optimization. He has been building in the cloud since its arrival and has over two decades of software startup experience, with a passion for cost-efficient engineering and excellent margins. Erik is also a believer in Serverless computing, an AWS Ambassador, and a recovering application security survivor. He is an active contributor to the FinOps and Serverless communities and frequently shares his thoughts on cloud economics, DevOps, and security.

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Beyond Million Dollar Lines of Code: Practical Strategies for Engineering Cost-Effective Cloud Systems

Building on the insights from my "million dollar lines of code" presentation, this session shifts focus from conceptual discussions to hands-on, practical strategies that software engineers and teams must adopt to develop cost-effective systems.

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Monday Jun 24 / 02:30PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Metcalf Hall