Reducing Developer Overload: Offloading Auth, Policy, and Resilience to the Platform

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Developer's time is the most crucial resource in an enterprise IT organization. Too much time is spent on undifferentiated heavy lifting and in the world of APIs and microservices much of that is spent on non-functional, cross-cutting networking requirements like security, observability, and resilience.

As organizations reconcile their DevOps practices into Platform Engineering, tools like Istio help alleviate developer pain. In this talk we dig into what that pain looks like, how much it costs, and how Istio has solved these concerns by examining three real-life use cases. As this space continues to emerge, and innovation has not slowed, we will also discuss the recently announced Istio sidecar-less mode which significantly reduces the hurdles to adopt Istio within Kubernetes or outside Kubernetes. 

What key takeaways can attendees expect from your InfoQ Dev Summit session?

What a service mesh is, how it enables golden paths in platform engineering, and how recent improvements have made it super easy to get started. 

What's the focus of your work these days?

API Gateway and API Management innovation in a platform/cloud world. The old stuff cannot just be washed and shined or have some Frankenstein additions bolted on to make it “current” 

What technical aspects of your role are most important?

Decision-making, influence, and education.

How does your InfoQ Dev Summit Boston session address current challenges or trends in the industry?

It directly impacts problems I work on with our customers every day around self-service and platform engineering.

How do you see the concepts discussed in your InfoQ Dev Summit Boston session shaping the future of the industry?

By making it easy to get compliance, golden paths, and self-service in modern container and cloud environments. 


Christian Posta

Global Field CTO

Christian Posta (@christianposta) is Global Field CTO at, former Chief Architect at Red Hat, and well known in the community for being an author (Istio in Action, Manning, Istio Service Mesh, O'Reilly 2018, Microservices for Java Developers, O’Reilly 2016), frequent blogger, speaker, open-source enthusiast and committer on various open-source projects including Istio, Kubernetes, and many others. He enjoys mentoring, training and leading teams to be successful with distributed systems concepts, microservices, devops, and cloud-native application design.

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Tuesday Jun 25 / 10:20AM EDT ( 50 minutes )




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