Optimizing Java Applications on Kubernetes: Beyond the Basics

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Navigating the deployment of Java applications on Kubernetes can initially appear straightforward, with YAML configurations and Dockerfiles setting the stage. However, the real challenge emerges when optimizing application performance within constrained resources, such as a 1 CPU/1 GB RAM environment. This session dives deep into the strategies for enhancing Java application performance on Kubernetes, focusing on leveraging JVM ergonomics, understanding the impact of CPU throttling, and effectively managing garbage collection processes. Attendees will gain actionable insights into tuning their Java applications, achieving improved performance, and realizing cost efficiencies on the Kubernetes platform.


Bruno Borges

Principal PM Manager @Microsoft, Previously Azure Java DevRel Team Lead, and PM for Developer Engagement and Outreach @Oracle

Bruno Borges, a Principal PM Manager at Microsoft with over six years of dedication, is a distinguished figure in the fields of Product Management, Cloud Developer Experience & Tools, and Developer Relations. Residing in Vancouver, Canada, Bruno specializes in Java runtimes development and enhancing developer relations for Microsoft Azure, aiming to create the best cloud environment for Java workloads and developers. Notably, he led the public announcement of the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, Microsoft's own open-source distribution of Java. Prior to Microsoft, Bruno served nearly six years at Oracle, influencing developer relations strategy and governance. Recognized as a Top Java Influencer from 2016 to 2019 and a Java Champion, Bruno's contributions have significantly impacted the Java community.

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Tuesday Jun 25 / 11:30AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Metcalf Hall


Kubernetes Java Performance