OpenTelemetry, Opening the Door to Observability for All

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We explore the benefits of OpenTelemetry amongst the landscape of Observability tooling, focusing on the instrumentation of applications and telemetry collection. In particular, how defining semantic conventions are a key component of portability. How do I start with OpenTelemetry? How can I automatically instrument my application? How do I use the OpenTelemetry Collector? These and many more questions will be answered.

While detailing the ins and outs of application instrumentation and collection with OpenTelemetry, we explore critical challenges to the success of Observability at an enterprise. Detailing strategies to work through these challenges to achieve broad Observability adoption at your enterprise.

What's the focus of your work these days?

I'm experimenting with the Collector in different patterns to detail my experiences in blog posts.

What technical aspects of your role are most important?

It's important to have a broad understanding of the observability landscape and the various pieces of telemetry that can be captured from different systems.

How does your InfoQ Dev Summit Boston session address current challenges or trends in the industry?

Current challenges related to adoption within an enterprise, or scaling of telemetry collection, will be covered, and how the OpenTelemetry Collector can be used in a solution to them.

How do you see the concepts discussed in your InfoQ Dev Summit Boston session shaping the future of the industry?

The concepts discussed in the session will help drive the adoption of various OpenTelemetry Collector patterns in enterprises that are less familiar with the technology.


Ken Finnigan

Contributor to OpenTelemetry Specification and Java SDK, Author of "Reactive Systems in Java", Software Engineer, Mentor, and Speaker

Ken is a contributor to OpenTelemetry specification and Java SDK, and a member of CNCF TAG Observability. Ken has been a consultant and software engineer for over 25 years with enterprises throughout the world. Ken has presented on distributed tracing, microservices, and other related topics at conferences like CodeOne (JavaOne), RedHat Summit, and Devoxx UK, among others. Ken is a founder and member of the Commonhaus Foundation, helping open source be sustainable. Ken is also the author of several books, including “Reactive Systems in Java”, “Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus, and MicroProfile” and “Enterprise Java Microservices”.

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Monday Jun 24 / 10:20AM EDT ( 50 minutes )




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