From Local to Production: A Modern Developer’s Journey Towards Kubernetes

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As developers today, we build applications that run on the cloud and the way to run applications in the cloud is via containers! While Kubernetes makes it easy to run and orchestrate containers, the path from local development to kubernetes is not a simple copy and paste. Open source tools like Podman and Docker aid developers in containerizing their applications locally with ease, but it is still an effort to make those containerized applications ready for production environments.

In this talk, we will go over the full developer experience of writing your application, containerizing it locally, deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster, and debugging Kubernetes applications locally. By highlighting best practices and offering practical tips, attendees will learn how to accelerate the containerization process while maintaining simplicity, reliability, and security. Join us as we demystify the path from local development to Kubernetes.


Urvashi Mohnani

Principal Software Engineer @Red Hat, Co-Chair of DevConf.US, and Instructor at BU

Urvashi is a Principal Software Engineer on the OpenShift Containers Team at Red Hat. She has spent the last few years developing Open Source container tools including Podman, Buildah, CRI-O, Skopeo, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. She is passionate about sharing her work and has given talks at various conferences including KubeCon, DevConf, and SCaLE. Urvashi is also a co-chair of DevConf.US and an instructor at Boston University.

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Monday Jun 24 / 02:30PM EDT ( 50 minutes )




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