Leveraging Internal Developer Portals to Achieve Strategic Initiatives

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Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of platform engineering with CarGurus' insights on how we built and leverage our Internal Developer Portal (IDP). In an increasingly complex technical environment brought on by modern software development, IDPs have become critical to propelling companies toward unprecedented levels of speed, reliability, operational excellence, efficiency, and strategic prowess. 

We'll share the journey of how CarGurus crafted and harnessed our IDP to drive transformative initiatives. Gain practical insights and valuable lessons learned that you can apply to your own development ecosystem.

In this presentation, we'll explore:

  • Where we started on our journey to introduce an IDP at CarGurus

  • The key features that contributed to achieving critical mass within our organization

  • How we leveraged the IDP to achieve ambitious strategic initiatives 

Uncover the untapped potential of IDPs and take your organization's innovation journey to the next level. These real-world insights are sure to accelerate your path to success!


Frank Fodera

Director of Engineering @CarGurus; Previously Engineering Manager and Lead @HitachiVantara

Frank Fodera is the Director of Engineering for Developer Experience at CarGurus, the most visited digital auto platform for shopping, buying, and selling new and used vehicles in the US. He joined CarGurus in 2018 and quickly discovered a passion for improving the developer experience. Frank and his teams oversee the company’s architectural best practices, development experience, and build & delivery pipelines. 

Before joining CarGurus, Frank led a product team at Hitachi Vantara that was responsible for enterprise search in the government, healthcare, and banking industries, among others. 

Frank’s background is in backend development, system architecture, and platform engineering. He even jumps into frontend development now and then. He is a dynamic technology leader with a proven track record of setting a clear vision and guiding teams as they successfully bring it to life. Adept at coaching and mentoring teams through transformative initiatives, Frank’s work brings substantial improvements to developer experience and operational efficiency. 

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Tuesday Jun 25 / 01:20PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Metcalf Hall


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