Dataflow-Based Query Caching with Readyset

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Streaming dataflow provides a unique solution to scaling OLTP applications by allowing for an efficient cache implementation that does not diverge from the relational model of the underlying data store. In this talk, we will walk through the fundamentals of streaming dataflow and discuss the architecture of ReadySet, a streaming dataflow system designed specifically for operational workloads. We’ll develop an understanding of how this architecture addresses many of the standard pain points that engineering teams face when preparing applications for web-scale workloads and how it can be used to simplify the modern web application data stack through case studies and benchmarks.


Alana Marzoev

Founder @ReadySet

Alana Marzoev is one of the founders of ReadySet, the company commercializing Noria, a transparent SQL caching solution for relational databases. Before starting ReadySet, Alana was a PhD student at MIT CSAIL where she worked on databases and distributed systems. Prior to MIT, she did research in the Systems & Networking group at Microsoft Research and worked on the Ray project at UC Berkeley’s RISELab.

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Tuesday Jun 25 / 02:30PM EDT ( 50 minutes )