A Common Problem and an Ancient Idea: How We Built Our Asset Library

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We often find ourselves with a very large amount of data, but at any given time, only a tiny portion is actively being used. How to store and serve those data so we can provide performance and manage cost at the same time?  

Join us as we walk through a journey of tackling this issue for our Asset Library at Squarespace. We'll cover:

  • Why we chose GCS for storage
  • The problems that came with this decision
  • How we utilized various types of cache to achieve our performance goal, especially our write back cache backed by Cloud Spanner

What's the focus of your work these days?

I'm currently working on dynamic image resizing to improve image serving performance.

What technical aspects of your role are most important?

I'm on a platform team. Being able to provide a platform with a clear and clean boundary is very important.

How does your InfoQ Dev Summit Boston session address current challenges or trends in the industry?

We have so much data everywhere these days, and it's only growing faster. Hopefully my talk can help you solve your problem of storing and serving those data.


Wenshuo Liu

Senior Software Engineer @Squarespace

Wenshuo Liu is a Senior Software Engineer at Squarespace. She is on the Media Platform team and works on services and infrastructures related to uploading, processing and serving media assets. She holds a MS in Computer Science from Columbia University. Outside of work she enjoys reading.

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Monday Jun 24 / 03:40PM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Metcalf Hall


Distributed Systems Platform Engineering Architecture


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