Best Practices to Secure Web Applications

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While strong authentication and authorization lay the foundation, achieving robust web application security demands a multi-layered approach. At first glance, the field of web application security can seem daunting, but by understanding and implementing core principles, you can dramatically strengthen your defenses against cyber threats.

In this presentation, we'll delve into the essential, yet often neglected, aspects of securing your applications. We'll cover best practices for secure coding, meticulous input validation techniques, the importance of strategic error handling and logging, how to manage file uploads safely, and much more.


Loiane Groner

Development Manager @Citibank

Loiane Groner is a Development Manager at Citibank and has authored books for Packt Publishing. Google Developer Expert in Angular, Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, Oracle ACE, Java Champion, and speaker at tech conferences. In her spare time, she loves contributing to the community, and she publishes tech videos on Youtube and creates free programming courses at

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Tuesday Jun 25 / 10:30AM EDT ( 50 minutes )


Metcalf Hall