Being a Responsible Developer in the Age of AI Hype

This is a time of dramatic developments in some areas of artificial intelligence. As a software practitioner, you might feel excited, terrified, optimistic, confused, or some combination of all of those. This talk will remind you that you are powerful, and that your choices matter. You will leave this talk more prepared for at least three scenarios:

  • When being told about an AI system, not being fooled by noise and hype
  • When using an AI system, knowing how to do so wisely and safely
  • When creating an AI system, ensuring that you minimize harm


Justin Sheehy

Chief Architect @Akamai, Previously @VMWare, @Basho, and @MITRE

Justin Sheehy has spent most of his career thinking about how to make systems — composed of both computers and humans — safer and more resilient. He is currently Chief Architect for Infrastructure Engineering and Operations at Akamai. Previously he’s played roles including Chief Technologist for Cloud Native Storage (VMware), CTO (Basho), Principal Scientist (MITRE), Distributed Systems Engineer (multiple times), and more. He’s equally happy whether writing code, doing research, or managing teams. No matter which of those he’s doing at the moment, he tries to prevent more problems than he causes.


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Monday Jun 24 / 09:00AM EDT ( 1 hours )


Metcalf Hall


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